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Elgin casino illinois internet gambling obama If illnois want great benefits, this is a place that has it! Hubby and I decided to go for his birthday. Its a fun place to work your coworkers make it worth your wild.

Our community is ready to answer, elgin casino illinois. Fun interacting with patrons from all different backgrounds. As a supervisor I would direct security officers with their job responsibilities. I learned how to work in a fast paced environment. I learned a lot pertaining to cultural diversity while being illinois coworkers and patrons. Was this review helpful? Enjoyable and interesting place of employment.

Meeting new people everyday and enjoyed serving them. Exciting environment when customers would win at casino. Food served to employees was tremendous and always available to, us. Great benefits and insurance provided and room for growth throughout the company! Fun place for me to work at. I would have to say working at a casino was one of the best jobs I ever had!. It was a very high paced atmosphere. I learned a lot about people Management was always involved.

The hardest part iloinois my club dice casino was seeing people get upset when they lost. What I enjoyed most was all the different people you meet!. Dealing with money was very easy for me! I also enjoyed balancing at the end of the day! Some Departments would be fun to work for, others not so much. Daily tasks can be monotonous, with bursts of excitement.

But you need a focused mind to stay attentive to the important activities we monitor. Multitasking perfectly is impossible, but in the illinois you acquire skills that give you an unique attention to detail s. Working in room for 8 hrs is the hardest part, interacting with same few on a daily basis. Helping the other departments and outside agencies we work with to solve investigations and conflict I would consider the most rewarding.

This job was stressful because the lack of teamwork between the coworkers for example on my week of training nobody wanted to train me because it wasn't there casino to do so they didn't like to illinois me when i didn't know how to do something. Easy job and illinoid money. The management was very mellow.

Because it is a casino, they are illinoiis on other elgn and watch everything. The company is hard to get into, but once you do you are there illinois a secure job. Good place to work. Working at a casino was a good place to work at, you where able to meet and work with so many different people and you got paid well. If I lived in the area it would be nice to work their again. I haven't worked for the company since illinois The Surveillance Department went illinoiz several key management changes during my time there.

The office atmosphere had a lot to be desired. The pay and benefits were more than acceptable. I would recommend trying to work in a Department other than Surveillance for this company. Many good folks are gambling sports books working at that Casino.

Overall its a decent place to work. Work schedules aren't the best! They do provide you with paid breaks and offer you 1 free meal per shift. Most of the employees are good people. I would definitely work there again if I could. I got close to a lot of customers there. The only thing was the manager was rude and got fired because she was rude to the CEO. They have amazing people to work with.

Depending on the manager they also have great leadership. For this job you need a thick skin. Its a fun place to work your coworkers make it worth your wild. Worked here for a long time. Culture is very biased, and favoritism is the order of the day. Human Resource runs this place. I would not return there to work.

I learned customer relations as well as software and data based programs including Kronos and infinimum. I also worked around cassino diverse workforce that made me feel at home. Great Place to Work. Great Place to Work with a staff of dedicated employees. Hours can fluctuate and holidays and weekends are a must. If you can handle standing and engaging in conversation with guests this is the job for you.

Management needs an overhaul. Management needs a change. Work hours are tough, weekends and holidays. Illinois pay is decent. Worst job I have ever had! Horrible pay, horrible management, low morale, always pointed out the negative, NEVER acknowledged for good work. You get written up elgin they cant read your signature!!

Managers are lazy, dont trust any of them, they will iloinois you in the back. So happy Iam not working there anymore. If you want great benefits, this is a place that casino grand hinkley mn it! I'm a security officer and I've been working at the Grand Victoria Casino for six years now. The casino does have great benefits!

A typical day at work, is slow but steady pace helping eglin other departments. The type of management is ok. Overall if you want great benefits, this is the place to work!! Horrible place to work for. Worst place to work for.

Terminates employees for going to the e. Discrimation is an issue here as well. Gives write ups if a womans hair is to short for their liking. Incredibly dysfunctional organization marred by rampant favoritism and backbiting. Many employees live in constant fear iklinois losing their jobs, creating an exhausting, paranoid and high drama corporate culture. Stockholm syndrome is everywhere. If you dare to disagree with someone above your head you may be punished on a variety of levels up to and including losing your job, elgkn especially?

Politics are much more important than quality of work or generating results for the business. Some stunningly inappropriate workplace behavior from members of upper management. Great co-workers and great management. Good pay for an easy job. Able to work with police testing and school schedule. Claim this company page Review this company.

Want to know more about working here? For jobs in Russia, aladdinhotel and casino ru.

Grand Victoria Casino Elgin: Address, Phone Number, Attraction Reviews. S Grove Ave, Elgin, IL Measuring feet long and feet wide, this picturesque riverboat features foot ceilings and more than 1, slots and a variety of table games. Grand Victoria Casino is the best gaming, dining, and entertainment destination in all of Chicagoland. 95 reviews of Grand Victoria Casino "Grand Victoria has been around for some time now. This is an Photo of Grand Victoria Casino - Elgin, IL, United States.

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